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How and Where to Use Mats With Hardwood Floors

Persian rugs for living room
Rugs can have many uses inside your room. They can add great texture in your room when used over hard wood floors. Rug padding, whichever one you chose, helps keep the area rug in position, not allowing them to bunch up preventing ventilation under the carpet. This air movement aids in preventing mildew from forming under your area rug.

oriental rugs for living room
The first thing you should do is determine which pad, or no, you need to use. Pads for area rugs comes in many types and have many uses. A number of the available pads are gripping pads which do not let the rug skid, felt for really softness (in some areas felt can certainly produce a rug slide or move unless you have a heavy furniture piece on it), polyurethane, or sponge rubber. Polyurethane and sponge rubber will be the least used. Sponge rubber can leave marks for the hardwood floor and polyurethane can slow up the airflow under the floor causing possible injury to the hardwood floor. All these pads has a use and cause of this use.

Gripping pads are popular for several reasons. They are very thin and provides no additional cushioning towards the area rug. The rug must be very dense to make up for this sort of pad. The pad includes a waffle pattern with lots of holes. The surface of this pad has several grip and will keep carpets in place. In low traffic areas, this pad is quite useful for a thin silk or similar area rug since a thicker pad would make the rug to move around and provide a tripping hazard in addition to not allow the thin rug to lie properly about the hardwood floor.

Second to think about is what room is going to be best for the different types of rugs. Will your rug enter a Bedroom, Living room, or what purpose will it serve in your decorating plan. Every one of these decisions make a difference about what size will work right for you in a particular area. This decision also will help you know which pad is the best for this area as well as the size of rug or rugs you want to use.

Consumers using silk rugs often place them areas of high traffic and soil buildup. Unlike most area rugs, silk rugs can not be steam cleaned due to delicate silk. The texture can become distorted and the fiber water damaged in the cleaning. They can simply be cleaned with a special dry cleaning solvent personally. This process will not eliminate the heavy soils and stains that happen in a high traffic or soil area. After a relatively short period of time you'll have a very expensive area rug that will not look very good. Should you still want to convey a silk rug in these areas, it is recommended that or not it's solvent cleaned every 3 months and to turn it to change the traffic pattern. This will expand the pretty portion of its life. NEVER install it by your front door. The rain or snow moisture will permanently damage the silk. Wherever you set it, a thin gripping pad under it's going to keep it from sliding that assist slow down the wearing with the silk.

If you are placing a rug in your Family area, Great Room, or any large area, one large area rug could be what you might need. The sole alternative is if in a very large room you might have several distinct seating areas. In this type of decorating, you would use several smaller rugs to match your area. If the green area rug is thick, you must place a felt carpet pad under it to give a softer feel around the hardwood floor and protect it from foot impact you do every time you step on the rug and also hardwood floor damage from the weight of heavy furniture.

Some Bedrooms also provide hardwood floors. If you want to use mats in bedrooms here are a few suggestions. In an average size bedroom a smaller area rug can be placed on either side of the bed and maybe at the foot in the bed, depending on the layout of one's other furniture. If you have a large heirloom rug that Grandma gave you, it can be equally spaced in the spare room and extend out on all three exposed sides from the bed, again depending on the size of the room and placement of your other furniture. The sort of pad you use for Grandmas' rug depends upon the rugs thickness and its condition.

Your Master Bedroom can be a decorating challenge. Like any other large room there are several options. Grandma's large heirloom rug can be under the bed or be a focal point in any room. And also this depends on the size of the location rug. Any area rug may be used on either side of the bed and another can be put in the center of your seating area, should your master bedroom get one. Depending on the thickness and condition of the rug determines if you use a thin waffle gripping pad or thicker felt pad on the hardwood floor.

Most area rugs can be steam cleaned for max results. Just be sure that your particular cleaner uses a low moisture, quick dry method therefore the backing doesn't get wet. Properly cleaned, this certainly will never happen and is also a very safe and effective solution to have the area rug cleaned in addition to your hardwood floors. After the rug is cleaned, turn most over and be sure it really is dry. It always should be.

One last note, a bit off the immediate subject. Carpets can be used over permanent installed carpet for decorative effect. The rug acts as your pad. Whether or not this happens to move around, position the hook side of Velcro on the back of the carpet and the carpet works as the soft side. The carpet shouldn't move around and is easily removed with no damage to to either carpet.

I think you will enjoyed this article you recognize some of what you need to find out about placing area rugs on wood flooring.

Post by largearearugs (2015-12-28 14:56)

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